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Accelerated Funding for Amazing Ideas

Make The Impossible Possible


Flexible Funding Options

We have both business and personal funding options that do not require collateral or even documentation. 

Casual Work Meeting

Early-Stage Startups

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Small Business Owners

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First-Time Real Estate Investors


How It Works

With one application, skip the broker fees and get your funding direct from the lenders.

1. Complete your application

in less than 5 minutes, either online or over the phone by calling one of our Financial Specialist at (202) 688-1673.

2. Review offers

from over 30 of the most trusted alternative lenders as we pin them against each other ensuring your business receives the very best offers.

3. Receive your funds

with most of our programs offering same day funding.


What We Offer

✔  Funding options for any business type, especially startups.

✔  Franchisee Funding

✔  Real Estate Flip Funding

✔  Financing options for heavy equipment, restaurant equipment, trucks and tractor trailers

✔  Funding options for all business types

✔  Funding options for startup funding starting with 650 credit score

✔  Partner/referral program that pays industry high commissions that can seamlessly integrate with your business.

Affiliate Program

Why CAPITOL Accelerator?

Our primary focus is to streamline the most optimal funding solution for your current business needs by allowing our marketplace to compete for your business.


Startups Welcome

Funding options for startups, entrepreneurs and established businesses.

Better Terms & Lower Rates.

Monthly payment options with terms up to 10 years.

Get Real Answers

No salespeople or spam, if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us.

You have nothing to lose!

No inquiry to see what you qualify for, no cost until AFTER you get funded.


Michael E.

"I received a loan very quickly, to the exact amount I wanted. Everything was made clear and the process was very streamlined and very quick… They did what they say they are going to do, Faye Pake was absolutely amazing.. 5 Stars."


Get the money to grow your business.

Speak with a Funding Specialist. There is no way to see what you qualify for without an expert reviewing your specific situation. We can do that without cost, obligation, or even a credit inquiry.

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