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Business Valuation Estimator

If you decide you’d like to buy an existing business or franchise, part of your due diligence should include making sure the asking price of the business is fair. Our business valuation calculator can assist you in making this determination by evaluating the business’s current worth based on revenue, expenses, assets and more. Most of the numbers required in this calculator will be given to you by the business seller, or you can estimate based on what you do know.

Cost of Capital Comparison

One of the first steps in obtaining small business funding is to research all of your options and do a cost analysis to evaluate the short- and long-term expenses associated with each. Our cost of capital calculator offers visibility into the most popular business funding methods, including Small Business Administration loans, home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), home refinancing, unsecured loans, 401(k) business financing and portfolio loans. Simply enter your total loan amount and time period for the loan (if applicable), and you’ll see your estimated monthly payment amount, total interest accrued and how much you’ll end up paying over the duration of the loan.

Loan Comparison Calculator

As you continue to narrow down which business financing solution is right for you, comparing your options is a beneficial way to weed out which ones are the most preferable. Our business loan comparison calculator makes it possible for you to run multiple loan scenarios side-by-side to see how different funding methods compare, including monthly payment amounts, interest accrued and the total cost of capital. The calculator also allows you to see the entire payment schedule for the duration of each financing solution.

Business Funding Scenarios Calculator

Some business financing techniques have higher repayment terms than others, so determining if and how much a business can afford in monthly payments is crucial to selecting the right funding solution. This business funding scenario calculator can help make that decision easier by analyzing a business’s recent performance to see how a monthly payment would affect net profits. It offers insight into two different types of funding options: traditional SBA loans, which require monthly interest payments, and 401(k) business financing, a debt-free option that involves only minimal monthly maintenance fees, so you can see how each technique affects the business’s bottom line.


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