Fix Your Score With Credit Repair

"If you think credit repair is expensive, try buying something with bad credit."

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What is Credit Repair?

Credit repair is the act of fixing your credit. Credit repair involves removing negative items from your credit report with the goal of improving your credit score.


How Does Your Credit Score Impact You?

A single mistake on your credit report could decrease your credit score by as much as 110 points!  This severely affects your ability to get a car loan, home mortgage, or a low-interest credit card. 


Stop letting mistakes on your credit report prevent you from getting the things you want.


A poor credit score can mean the difference between being approved or declined for a line of credit.

How Credit Repair Works


Challenge your questionable negative items with all three bureaus, ensuring your credit reports are accurate and fair.


Ask your creditors to verify the negative items they’re reporting. If they can’t, they are required by law to stop reporting them.


Continue to watch your credit, addressing additional issues as they arise so that you can stay on track and reach your goals.


How Much Does Credit Repair Cost?

A service for all budgets




Recommended for those who have a lot of negative items on their credit report



Recommended for those who have a moderate amount of negative items



Recommended for those who have a handful of negative items


$25 - $150/mo

Self Lender offers an accessible and responsible way for consumers to establish payment history and build credit, while saving money, through a credit builder account. It’s a small installment loan, but the money is yours, securitized by a CD.

$99.95/mo offers a credit repair process that has been developed, refined and proven over many times to help individuals meet their financial goals.


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