Don't Let Lack of Funding Be A Reason Your Business Fails

Updated: Jan 4

A hard truth no one likes, but seemingly all small business owners understand is it is increasingly difficult to raise the capital required to take your idea from a concept to a healthy and prospering company. The struggle is all too real to say the least.

Far too many revolutionary products/services capable of moving the needle forward for humanity cease to exist simply because of the struggles inherent to raising capital. That is to say our current limitations aren't often the result of a lack of know-how or expertise as much as they are the direct result of the overly complex world of finance.

As if this reality is tragic enough already, add a world-wide pandemic to the mix and the problems small businesses experience only compounds. The current global pandemic caused by COVID-19 is affecting people from every clime and place around the world. It is also having a growing impact on the worldwide economy that is being felt most acutely by small businesses.

This is why we take pride in helping franchisees, startup & existing businesses, as well as real estate investors find financing for any reason. Our mission is to help small businesses like yours grow, create jobs, support local communities, and drive the economy forward.

What We Offer

We offer both business and personal funding options which do not require collateral or even documentation. Because we charge a consulting fee on what you receive AFTER you receive it, we can use ANY lender, not just those offering commissions and higher rates. We do 1,000’s of applications each month with 100’s of different lenders to include credit unions, banks, peer to peer lenders and a variety of alternative lenders. Snapshot:

  • Funding options for any business type, especially start ups.

  • Financing options for heavy equipment, restaurant equipment, trucks and tractor trailers

  • Funding options for all business types

  • Funding options for start up funding starting with 650 credit score

  • Partner/referral program that pays industry high commissions that can seamlessly integrate with your business.

What We Are Doing

Our priority is to get capital to small businesses as quickly and safely as possible. To this end we strive to expedite the funding process anywhere possible and for any reason. The result of such efforts is money gets in the hands of those who need it without any unnecessary or self-inflicted delay. Currently you can expect to receive funds for any reason in as little as one week from the date of submitting an application.

Yet the best part isn't the amount of time we can save our clients. Rather the value-add can be measured by reduced risks and quantified by way of financial savings. We achieve this because nothing we do cost anything up-front or out of pocket. To put it another way, our services cost nothing unless we get you money. We are able to provide an estimate of how much we can raise for you without any cost, obligation or inquiry on your credit. Not only do you have nothing to lose, this dynamic ensures we are vested in your success over the interest of our network of lenders and financial institutions.

What People Love About Us

  • Quick Funding - options up to 400k with rates as low as 7%

  • Startup Funding - Works great for all biz types and stages

  • No Inquires - Soft credit pull with just Name, address and DOB to learn your options

  • Safe for Client - Low Pressure and no cost unless client accepts funding

  • Fast Responses - Submit an application by 1pm have a quote by 3pm

  • 5-Star Support - We can handle all clients with a white glove

  • Lucrative - Average Payout is 5 points

  • Weekly Payouts

Recent Funding

Take Action

There is no way to see what you qualify for without an expert reviewing your specific situation. We can do that. All that is required is providing answers to the questions seen below.

If you have any questions regarding funding help for your small business, feel free to contact us online, social media (@3SiHoldings), or by calling/texting us at (202) 643-2022. If you'd prefer to speak with a Funding Specialist about your funding requirements prior to submitting an funding assessment, you can schedule a time that works for you by visiting Book Online.

As with every business, we exist to serve our clients. We look forward to your success and strive to be a part of it wherever possible. So don't be a stranger! #OpenWeStand

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