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A common challenge many clients have been facing is how increasingly difficult it has become to get a loan through traditional banks. A new industry of non­-bank lenders have stepped in to fill the credit gap so business owners can get the capital they need.

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The Funding Group

We help franchisees, start up businesses, existing businesses find financing for any reason. Our services cost nothing unless we get you money.


Nav uses real business data to quickly match small businesses with the best loans and credit cards. The leading Business Financial Management app, Nav’s intelligent business financing solution powers insights and opportunities for daily financial decisions that fuel their success.

Guidant Financial

Guidant Financial helps individuals secure small business funding to start, buy or grow a business. An industry leader in innovative business and franchise funding, we work with new and existing business owners to educate them on their options and create customized funding solutions.


Fundera is a marketplace—sort of like Kayak or Expedia, but for financing options—that helps you confidently shop, compare, and understand your loan options. They do not charge small business owners for their curation service.

Trust Capital Funding

Trust Capital Funding

Trust Capital Funding specializes in providing funding to small businesses with big dreams. That’s why our funding solutions are personally-tailored to each of our clients. Solutions that gives you the flexibility to grow your business and the freedom to love doing it. Trust Capital is a direct lender and can fund up to 150% or more of your monthly revenue. Funds are wired within 24 hours.

Trust Capital is a direct lender offering funding solutions based on your company's revenue, not your personal credit. It's faster. It's easier. It's a smarter way for small businesses to get the crucial funding they need to grow.


Types of Financing Options for Small Businesses

We have funding options that do not require collateral or even documentation. Because we charge a consulting fee on what you receive AFTER you receive it, we can use ANY lender, not just those offering commissions and higher rates. We do 1,000’s of applications each month with 100’s of different lenders to include credit unions, banks, peer to peer lenders and a variety of alternative lenders.

Unsecured Lines Of Credit

Traditional line of credit from usually form a bank and credit union. Rates range from 8-14% but unlike an installment loan, you only pay interest when you use the money. 680 min credit score. Can get in as little as 3 days.

Unsecured Installment Loan

Fixed rate and monthly payment for Terms up usually from 2-7 years.Rates range from 6-20%. 650 Min credit score. No pre-payment fees. Can get in as little as 3 days.

Credit Cards

Can be the cheapest option if used properly. Can be turned to cash cheaply. 700 Min Credit score. Will take 5-15 days.

Secured SBA LOC

Loan amounts up to 5,000,000. Rates range from 7-10%. At least 2 years in business showing profitable tax returns. Collateral required for loan amounts over 100k. 650 min credit score. Will take 30-90 days.

Secured SBA Installment loan

Loan amounts up to 5,000,000. Rates range from 7-12%. At least 2 years in business showing profitable tax returns. Collateral required for loan amounts over 100k. 650 min credit score. Will take 30-90 days.

Revenue Based Loan

Based off revenue of business. Rates as low as 17%. Up to 3 year terms and monthly payment options available for 700+ credit w/ strong profitable business. No Minimum credit score for shorter terms and higher rates. Can get in as little as 1-3 days.

There is no way to see what you qualify for without an expert reviewing your specific situation. We can do that without cost, obligation, or even a credit inquiry by clicking below.

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